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APPLE EYE Smart Pre-School & Day Care (apple of your eye is star of our sky)
About us

Apple Eye Smart Pre-School and Day Care is a private, co-educational institution dedicated to provide young children with an enriching, stimulating and caring environment to develop, learn, and become equally proficient for progression into either local or international primary school systems. Pre schooling is no more a luxury, it is now considered as a foundation of a child’s formal education. Apple Eye is formed on our conviction that child’s moral, social, and physical development is as important as his/her intellectual development. Our mission is to provide young children with a safe and caring environment away from home, in which they can prepare for their future education and at the same time take the first steps towards becoming well-rounded individual. The curriculum, facilities, and personal attention paid to the kids, play a key role in determining the best from the rest.

From Principal's Desk

I welcome you to the world of love, laughter and learning, which are the three pillars of the school. Apple Eye Smart Pre-School has distinguished itself as a place that is actively committed to the personal, social, emotional, and academic development of each and every student.
Our vision is to ensure that in the process of learning, the childhood is not lost. Our aim is not just to educate or teach but to be there and support when the child is ready to learn. With ample amount of activities child’s endless energies are channelized positively and result in a wholesome personality development. As an educator and a parent myself, I have always believed in the importance of finding the right environment for educating a child.
Serving as Principal of Apple Eye Smart Pre-School is an honor and I am excited to dive into the community here. I welcome the opportunity to grow alongside you as we prepare all students for primary school and for life.
I thank you for working with me to support our students and provide the best education possible for them.

Educational Programs
  • Playway: 1.5 years to 2.5 years.
  • Nursery: 2.5 years to 3.5 years.
  • LKG: 3.5 years to 4.5 years.
  • UKG: 4.5 years to 5.5 years.
  • Daycare: above 6 months.
  • Curriculum

    At Apple Eye Smart Pre-School, we not only educate the child imparting theknowledge of difference concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc. The teachers nurture talents by giving exposure in area of interests of kids like art, craft, music, dance etc. The early years of a child's life constitute the most significant period in life. This stage is more important as the foundation is laid for overall development of the individual.

    It is child oriented program that follows the play way & activity approach and provides a stimulating play environment for language, social, emotional, intellectual & physical development of the child.

    - Physical Development:

    The best way to bring up children is by letting them to be themselves. The colorful & child friendly environment of Apple Eye Smart Pre-School gives an opportunity to children to play & enjoy their childhood.

    - Language Development:

    Innovative ways of storytelling, picture reading, dramatization, structured conversation, enhanced the communication & presentation skills of a child.

    - Socio-Emotional development:

    The most important role in today's life is to get along with people & the society. Here at Apple Eye Smart Pre-School, we provide the right kind of peer group which forms the learning around for the child about friendship, sharing & good behaviour.

    - Creative Development:

    Every child has in born talent. All we need to do is to give them encouragement & opportunities where they can discover their talents like clay moulding, dancing, music, art & craft.

    - Cognitive Development:

    In Apple Eye Smart Pre-School, children are given opportunities to learn how they can successfully deal with life situations. Special emphasis is paid on skills on development of senses, puzzles & problem solving etc.

    Each day is planned to reflect a balance of individual & group activities, outdoor activities, active & quiet activities. On the whole, our aim at Apple Eye Smart Pre-School is to mature a child's personality by making the most of the formative years in a ideal learning environment.


    Day Care at Apple Eye Smart Pre-School is such where we give a pleasant environment for children to learn, play and rest. This school offers full daycare, half daycare for children of ages above 6 months. We help our Daycare children in completing their school homework & also provide fun learning activities. Here we believe that having a clean and pleasing space is important in child's holistic development. We have well lit Air Conditioned rooms, clean washrooms, Outdoor and indoor play area.


    Daycare timings: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

    After school care: 12:30PM - 6:00PM

    Meet Our Staff

    The infrastructure of school is designed in a way that the children could have opportunityto learn through playing. The architecture is such towards school. It promotes activities & increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child-friendly one.


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